:::: EAU FORTE :::: (english)


Improvised sound and visual
Duo performance Patricia Dallio et Mathieu Sanchez





'Eau Forte' is a kind of raw and archaic cinema, cinema from the origins, from the caves,
from before cinema existed, where ecstatic pictures emerge from the darkness, then burn
in the light filled withsound interstices, and where the subject is life, death, duality and desire…
The fragile gesture strives to inhabit the empty space, the vibration of matter brings crepuscular
landscapes back to life, while the erratic sound and light caresses and reveals a reality that has
run out of breath, an eroded world where only the imagination can reactivate possibilities.



Patricia Dallio and Mathieu Sanchez are puppeteers and conjurers.
The threads of the composer in her harness propel her music through the air, wrapping the
spectators in a cloud of unheard of
sounds, while the artist’s magic lantern projects a Lilliputian
onto the screen, and we enter into its substance like explorersof the atom.
Eau Forte is like an adventure with Stan Lee’s The
Avengers drawn by Hetzel, the artist who did
the engravings for Jules
Verne’s books, but where Hollywood kitsch is replaced by a dizzying
immersion in our own century.
Jean-Jacques Birgé, composer

A slow journey in sound and vision into a fantastic imaginary world in perpetual movement,
a perceptible organic world that is always
at the limits of intelligibility, reawakening individual
and collective
memories, with extravagant forms taking us into the depths of theunconscious.
Antoine Schmitt, artist programmer


On stage, Patricia Dallio's sound worlds are produced in reaction to the gestures, noises
and pictures created by her collaborator on stage.
Through these surprising sensor instruments
she can enter into matter
bodily, and sculpt the sound particles she produces and interprets by
developing a whole range of tones and spontaneous compositions, inreaction to the filmed and
projected events.

Mathieu Sanchez's work is based on the performative and direct use of video, a kind of archaic
cinema produced directly before the
spectators' eyes. In real time he films and projects the physical
and chemical reactions
of matter, alongside the handling of rudimentary objects, and brings to
the screen living, dramatic, sensitive worlds.


Technical specifications:

This performance is a little form for other spaces than theaters stages. A simple black place can be
available to receive Eau Forte.  
Duration 35  to 40 minutes.
Audience: seated at the centre and rear of the venue with a space at the rear for the speakers.
Mathieu Sanchez stage left, Patricia Dallio stage right (possible to swap places due to constraints of
emergency exits, etc.), the screen as close as possible to opposite wall.
Technical set-up time: 3 hours to set up both artists' stands about 1 hour for sound check and
video tests. A technician is needed in place.


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jeudi 6 octobre 2016
Salle de répétition du Nouveau Relax à Chaumont

samedi 8 octobre 2016
Centre Internationnal des Arts Graphiques - lors de l'inauguration
Thursday, October 6th, 2016